Manufacturing analytics

Manufacturing Analytics

The Company has always needed to extract the maximum value from the data available. Today’s competitive, complex and changing scenario does not make this easy, but it does make it even more critical in terms of flexibility and responsiveness to market dynamics.

The tools used to monitor production processes change, evolve and offer better potential for applications that allow more and more advanced scenarios.

This set of tools and analytical capabilities enables us to resolve any production problems as soon as possible, or even eliminate them, and to support production managers in continuous improvement, cost reduction, and maintaining or increasing quality.

Our approach

The dissemination of PLCs and control systems generates large amounts of data of various types (test, process, and machine data). These data are the basis for root cause analysis and for continuous improvement, by detecting previously unknown correlations



Predictive maintenance is an excellent example of the effective use of existing production data.



What we can do

Our Manufacturing Analytics services are performed in several stages and tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the Client.

Initial Insights The aim of this phase is to develop indices related to a limited selection of production data already available, presented in the form of KPIs, dashboards, balanced scorecards, and reports. Even at this stage we can see the first improvements in specific areas.

Data Collection Model At this stage, a control model is developed that combines real-time I/O from a production process with offline data. If it is possible to increase the automation of some stages of data collection or specific parts of a process, specific recommendations will be developed.

Data mining The insights collected are verified using a larger number of data and further predictive models are developed that correlate the various data.

Roll Out Phase 3 results are now integrated into the Client’s IT environment, for example as a prediction model to determine how long it takes to replace the suction cup of a gripping device.

Maintenance and Support We offer continued support to further develop application algorithms in real time.


We support the Client in seeking subsidies, funds and tax benefits through:

– Researching regional, national and European bands

– Preparing questions and technical reports to support incentives

– Drawing up paperwork to obtain benefits

In cases of investments greater than 500k€, we can issue technical experts’ reports or statements of compliance pursuant to Italian DDL No. 2692 of 22 Feb. 2017 and Italian DDL No. 243 of 29 Dec. 2016




Distinguishing features

– We combine business experience with our knowledge of the most advanced technologies

– We have successfully implemented projects for transformation and change

– We help our Clients to gain a significant and lasting competitive advantage



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