Factory Automation

Factory Automation

The world of automation combines aspects of machine design with the integration of a wide range of technologies including sensor, robotics, process measurement and process control systems, LAN and wireless communication systems, and with aspects of sw communication.
Automation, if well planned, addresses and solves complex problems linked to cost optimization and the performance of production processes, and supports vital aspects of the Company such as health, safety and sustainability.
The issues around integrating these technologies are complex and sometimes pose a real puzzle.

Our approach

– Field knowledge

– Project management

– Experience in designing machinery, lines and full plants that enables us to support you at all stages of an automation project, taking care of both hw and sw elements and minimizing risks relating to cost and timing.



What we can do

– Define project goals and initial specifications

– Develop alternative solutions

– Simulate the various alternatives

– Choose and design the optimum sensory, technological solution

– Verify the compliance with applicable regulations

– Choose suppliers and assist performance

– Test

– Installation assistance

– Commission


We can help our client Companies to identify, install, and manage the most appropriate hw and/or sw automation solution by integrating multiple vendors at single machine, line, and plant level.


Seek subsidies, funds and tax benefits through:


– Researching regional, national and European bands

– Preparing questions and technical reports to support incentives

– Drawing up paperwork to obtain benefits


In cases of investments greater than 500k€, we can issue technical experts’ reports or statements of compliance pursuant to Italian DDL No. 2692 of 22 Feb. 2017 and Italian DDL No. 243 of 29 Dec. 2016.





Distinguishing features

– We combine business experience with our knowledge of the most advanced technologies

– We have successfully implemented projects for transformation and change

– We help our Clients to gain a significant and lasting competitive advantage




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