Digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a process of renewal, redefinition and improvement for a business, which can be implemented through digital technologies, based on analysis and listening to Clients’ needs. This means adjusting mindsets, patterns of behaviour and culture. The challenge that Digital Transformation poses for companies that decide to address it is complex and multifaceted.

This transformation requires the understanding and management of three key elements: the need to change, the will to change, and the ability to change. It is therefore necessary:

– to listen to the needs of Clients and to be able to respond in an adequate and timely manner through the channels available to and used by them

– to monitor business processes by analysing data, understanding where to intervene to redesign them, and make operational decisions that impact processes in a timeframe compatible with business improvement

– to evaluate, adopt and exploit digital technologies to make business processes more efficient and achieve tangible business results

– to complete the company’s skill-set by integrating the existing company staff with personnel suited to the new requirements, who can give the company the skills and tools to operate independently

Our approach

– Empowerment

– Motivation

– Communication

– Learning

– Circulation of knowledge

– Error appreciation


What we can do

Define, propose and implement the digitisation and automation interventions required to:


– Understand market requirements

– Confirm that products meet market requirements in terms of availability, time to market, customisation

– Implement / modify production lines and management processes to allow the required standards to be met

– Automate the detection of key parameters for process monitoring

– Implement predictive maintenance systems


Assess the impact that these interventions has on:

– Business model

– Processes

– Organization

– Resources

– Completion times

– Investments required


Support the Company in reviewing industrial plans

Seek subsidies, funds and tax benefits through:

– Researching regional, national and European bands

– Preparing questions and technical reports to support incentives

– Drawing up paperwork to obtain benefits

In cases of investments greater than 500k€, we can issue technical experts’ reports or statements of compliance pursuant to Italian DDL No. 2692 of 22 Feb. 2017 and Italian DDL No. 243 of 29 Dec. 2016




Distinguishing features

– We combine business experience with our knowledge of the most advanced technologies

– We have successfully implemented projects for transformation and change

– We help our Clients to gain a significant and lasting competitive advantage


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