Digital supply chain

Digital Supply Chain

The supply chain is an interdisciplinary process running across marketing, sales, product development, production and distribution, which traditionally set high functional barriers. The supply chain’s digitisation allows these barriers to be broken down and promotes evolution towards a fully integrated, transparent ecosystem for all agents involved, suppliers of raw materials, components and parts; internal departments; transporters; and finally clients. In fact, Clients constantly want product availability and delivery to be faster and punish those who do not meet their requirements. The digital supply chain is based on a number of processes that allow event-driven management modes such as:


– Inventory and placement on the online shelf for every reference even during opening times

– Online management of incoming and outgoing stocks of the entire supply chain

– Electronic material tracking

– Out-of-stock identification

– Automatic scheduling of materials during the day


All this makes it possible to adapt to changing conditions and to react in real time to interruptions in the supply chain and even to anticipate them by fully modelling the network and creating what-if scenarios.    The development of these event-driven scenarios allows us to seize great potential throughout the value chain:

– Greater availability of products

– Less stock damage

– Reduced order to delivery cycle time

– Lower stock levels in the network

Our approach

– Knowledge of sourcing, inventory planning and management techniques, Vendor Managed Inventory

– Project management

– Experience of configuration and management of complex networks


What we can do

– Assess the performance of the current supply chain, which will serve as a benchmark for the improvements achieved

– Define goals to be achieved and identify the relevant KPIs with measurable scales

– Develop new processes and produce a roadmap for implementation

– Train and develop internal resources to facilitate change

– Support the adaptation of information systems

– Measure results and determine any corrective action

– Ongoing support and mentorship


We support the Client in seeking subsidies, funds and tax benefits through:


– Researching regional, national and European bands

– Preparing questions and technical reports to support incentives

– Drawing up paperwork to obtain benefits


In cases of investments greater than 500k€, we can issue technical experts’ reports or statements of compliance pursuant to Italian DDL No. 2692 of 22 Feb. 2017 and Italian DDL No. 243 of 29 Dec. 2016





Distinguishing features

– We combine business experience with our knowledge of the most advanced technologies

– We have successfully implemented projects for transformation and change

– We help our Clients to gain a significant and lasting competitive advantage




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