Agile organization

Agile Organization

The traditional way we do business is undergoing fundamental changes as the world becomes increasingly digitised and moves online. Thanks to new technologies, companies are working together in a virtual environment on all continents, working more efficiently and, above all, innovating much more quickly.

Dynamic, young companies achieve success on the market by developing completely new business models. Typical business innovation examples are Amazon, Uber, etc.

Clients constantly expect new products and punish companies who do not innovate for their failure to keep up.

Today flexibility is a must and for companies this means:

– Speed: for example, considerably reducing the time-to-market of a new product.

– Being able to react flexibly to new developments, dynamically adapting to change.

– Modifying structures and inflexible processes by adapting them to the needs of the market.

For a company to maintain its competitive ability to adapt to new market requirements, it must have flexibility in its organisation and its processes.

Our approach

– Empowerment

– Motivation

– Communication

– Learning

– Circulation of knowledge

– Error appreciation





What we can do

– Assess the current status of an organisation that will serve as a benchmark for the improvements achieved

– Set targets and develop the roadmap to achieve them

– Create and launch the Flexible Transformation Program

– Identify KPIs with measurable scales

– Train and develop internal resources to facilitate change

– Change management

– Ongoing support and mentorship


We support the Client in seeking subsidies, funds and tax benefits through:


– Researching regional, national and European bands

– Preparing questions and technical reports to support incentives

– Drawing up paperwork to obtain benefits


In cases of investments greater than 500k€, we can issue technical experts’ reports or statements of compliance pursuant to Italian DDL No. 2692 of 22 Feb. 2017 and Italian DDL No. 243 of 29 Dec. 2016





Distinguishing features

– We combine business experience with our knowledge of the most advanced technologies

– We have successfully implemented projects for transformation and change

– We help our Clients to gain a significant and lasting competitive advantage



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